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Alpha Phi International Fraternity is a membership organization dedicated to promoting sisterhood, cultivating leadership, encouraging intellectual curiosity and advocating service. Alpha Phi develops character for a lifetime.

Sisters share a commitment to excellence and a strong desire to help one another and their communities. Alpha Phis are leaders, scholars, contributors and lifetime members of a sisterhood that values these traits.

When you join Alpha Phi, you join a worldwide network of more than 150 collegiate chapters, 140 alumnae chapters and 200,000 sisters!  Membership in Alpha Phi opens the door to new and exciting opportunities during college and beyond.

Save the Phone, Consider Bluetooth Shower Radios Instead

Everyone loves music. It is an undeniable fact. Toddlers listen to music and sing along from an early age because it helps them to learn to talk and helps them to learn their ABCs. Adults use it to relax and liven the mood while they are driving along or doing any number of other things. Teens use it as a reason to dance and express themselves by the types of music that they enjoy. With the way music impacts our entire world; is it any wonder that Bluetooth shower radios are also gaining in popularity. Especially, among the people who live in sorority houses!

bluetooth shower radioWhat Are Shower Radios?

There are two types of shower radios. One type is a basic AM/FM radio that attaches somewhere in the shower and allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations. They are waterproof, often battery operated and ideal for any shower.

Other types of shower radios use Bluetooth to connect to your smart phone. They are simply speakers that you put into your shower. Some of these speakers may also allow you to answer you cell phone while you are in the shower listening to your favorite downloaded songs or your favorite FM radio station. Most are battery powered, but some may have rechargeable batteries to save you money.

Which Type of Radio Do You Prefer?

Regardless of which shower radio you consider purchasing for the college student in your life, or plan to buy for yourself, you will not go wrong enjoying a shower and adding fun tunes to it. They give permission for you to sing in the shower and increase not only the relaxation of it, but the fun of it. Each type will have pros and cons and you will want to read reviews before you purchase to ensure that your sorority house resident will enjoy it. However, it is the age of smart phones and Bluetooth, so you may want to keep it in mind.

Bluetooth Shower Radios for Everywhere You Are

The best thing about the bluetooth shower radio and another reason why they are showing up in sorority houses everywhere is the versatility that comes along with them. Admittedly, they are called shower radios, but they can be taken anywhere. College kids are using them at the beach or the lake with their friends. They use them while hanging out by the local pool. They use them during showers and because of their amazing sound quality and the Bluetooth feature which uses tunes they download to their cell phone, they are even using them while they do their studies.

These radios are waterproof, which means they will not be damaged by a splash of rain or a dunk in the pool. College students who depend on their smart phone and pay an outrageous fortune to own the coolest one, can leave their phone in a purse or backpack and still listen. It is a great way to avoid the risk of messing up their phone. Is it any wonder frat houses and sorority houses are becoming just as devoted to their Bluetooth shower radios?

boss audio systems atv speakers

Guys in the fraternity house across the street may be more interested in one of the best atv speakers. Most have probably never head of ATV Speakers. This is because it is a relatively new idea, but with the advent of bluetooth technology they are now possible. Every guy wants the best ATV, but you can make it even better by adding a radio. Tearing up some mud and some tunes; you’ll be the hit of the fraternity house and those girls from the Alpha Phi Suu house are sure to be into you!

Why You Need a Pool Deck for Your Above Ground Pool

Budgeting for an addition of a pool to your home can be stressful. Pools are not cheap by any means; they are quite the luxury these days. Many people think that an above ground pool is the least costly way to go versus a traditional built-in pool. However, these people often forget to budget in the addition of a pool deck. While pool decks may not be required for your above ground pool, they really are encouraged for a number of reasons. I always tell potential above ground pool buyers to go ahead and budget in a pool deck with any above ground pool. Well, maybe not for the small inflatable ones. But for any semi-permanent pool, it should really be a priority.


Above ground pools in the backyard can look gaudy and a little trashy if they are not done right. Fortunately, in the past few years, the pools these days are much “prettier” than they used to be (take a look at the best above ground pool reviews). Even still, a standalone pool just doesn’t do justice for your yard. By building an above ground pool deck around your pool, you can eliminate the likelihood of being labeled “white trash”. In fact, the addition of a pool deck can do numbers for your backyard turning it into a luxury outdoor resort. Just type in above ground pool decks into Pinterest and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. You can even create your own infinity pool this way. Are you drooling yet?

Not only will adding a pool deck to your above ground pool look better, chances are you will get more use of your pool this way. You don’t want to put down a pretty penny for a pool that doesn’t get used. Some of the primary reasons most people own a pool is to have the luxury of sun-tanning in their very backyard and hosting awesome pool parties. Having a pool deck will allow you to tan yourself within steps of your pool so you can take a dip every so often to cool off. Additionally, your deck can be used as a grilling area when hosting your parties. Add a grill and some tables and chairs and you are good to go. If you are really looking for luxury and want to go all out, an outdoor kitchen on your pool deck will really up the ante.

If you have small kids, you might already be worrying about their safety when it comes to having a pool just steps from your house. It is critical that they are always supervised. However, this could be a problem if there is nowhere for you to keep an eye on them. Surely you don’t want to stand for hours on end peering over the pool wall. With a pool deck on hand, plop in your chair with a good book and you can hang out with them all day without ever having to get in the water. Additionally, it’s much easier for your children to get in and out of the pool from the pool deck rather than climbing a ladder that comes with the pool (these ladders can often be poor quality and dangerous).

If you are going to do a pool and a pool deck, do it right. Make sure it flows with the rest of your yard and house. Keep this in mind when you are choosing the color of wood or if you plan to paint the deck. Make it your outdoor oasis by adding some tropical plants and flowers. Not only will this give it a more “complete” look, but it will brighten up your pool area. Make sure it is large enough to host some lounge chairs and patio furniture but not too large that it will take over your entire backyard. Yes, all of these things cost money. This is exactly the reason I suggest including these things in your plans when budgeting for an above ground pool. You really need so much more than just the pool itself. That being said, I have seen many homes with above ground pools that look better than any traditional pool. And even with all of these extras added to your budget, you are still likely to save in comparison to an in-ground pool.


How to Throw the Ultimate BBQ Party

There is so much more to throwing the ultimate BBQ party than great food and cold beer. While the smoky scent of ribs on the grill might lead all of the neighbors straight to your house, they will likely pull a “dine and dash” if the rest of the party is a dud. So how do you get your guests to stick around for a while? Follow these tips in order to throw a party that everyone will enjoy and the neighbors will be talking about for years to come.

Pick a Theme

Make it interesting by picking a theme and then following through with the food, decorations, music and invitations. Maybe you can even convince your guests to dress the part? Whether it be “Christmas in July” or a “Hawaiian Luau”, this will get everyone involved and excited for your party. It will also make for great pictures that you can show off and laugh about at the next party.

Set up yard games

71bTEgol+-L._SL1500_Set up some classic tailgating games in the yard so you don’t have guests sitting around staring at the grill, impatiently waiting for the minute they can dive in only to crash minutes later. Keep them busy with cornhole, ladder ball and/or horse shoes. Maybe even throw in a little beer pong depending on the crowd. Make it more competitive by offering prizes or take your party from mild to wild by incorporating some drinking games. In that case, be prepared for overnight guests!

Game Day

Mount your big screen TV outside and tune into the big game, whether it be football, basketball, baseball or even a golf tournament. This will suck them in and keep them entertained for hours to come and does not require much effort from you. Easy peasy.

Make an awesome playlist

No party is complete without cranking some good tunes. Keep your audience in mind when making your playlist. Grams and gramps next door might be pretty hip for their age, but I doubt they will stick around for Eminem and Dr. Dre. Consider investing in some outdoor speakers. It will make all the difference in sound and they are built to withstand the elements. Read plenty of reviews to find the best outdoor speakers before you purchase.

Have a selection of drinks available

Have a selection of beer and wine, and liquor drinks available to appease everyone. They don’t have to be top shelf, your guests will appreciate that they have options. Also keep in mind not everyone attending is on a mission to get blitzed. Have an array of non-alcoholic beverages available as well.


A relaxed atmosphere will make your guests feel at home. Stop flipping the burgers every 10 seconds and constantly following behind everyone cleaning up after them. Otherwise you will have them walking on eggshells and feeling like they should be helping rather than relaxing. No doubt they will be ready to make a dash for the door. Instead sit down, relax and socialize with your guests.

Tips For Washing and Detailing Your Car

You wouldn’t want to miss the fun. It’s nice to go wild and enjoy the joy ride with your friends. Tossing few glasses of beer and popcorn and strolling amidst uncertainty. Riding through the bumps and crossing muddy waters whatsoever. And now after the party is over, all that is left now is the stinky mud and dirt. You would surely want to bring back the crisp of your car.

Keep your car conditioned to get a good appraisal value should you want to resale it or trade it for an upgraded brand. Following the basics of car detailing is essential in keeping its lifespan for a period of time. One thing, you don’t need to spend unnecessarily for repainting by keeping the paint maintained. Cleanliness in all terms can contribute to good health too. Build up dust and pollens can trigger allergies. More than this, it could be conducive for microorganism like bacteria and fungi to thrive.

Tips Before Washing Your Car

1. Choose a good shady place. This will avoid untimely drying that will eventually create blemishes on your paint.

2. Prepare all the paraphernalia and place it in a strategic location. These include: microfiber cloth, wax, polish, foam wash, cleaning agents, bails and others.

3. Prepare the bucket with water and cleaning agents.

4. Clean from the exterior surface before moving the exterior parts.

5. Close the windows and draw in the antenna.

6. Pull the windshield wipers and put it away from the glass.

Effective Car Washing Tips

Wash off settled dirt from your car by applying enough water pressure using a hose attached to the water outlet. Begin from to bottom. Apply pressurized water for few minutes to soften the dirt. You might as well prepare 2 buckets – one filled with cleaning agents and the other with water. You can now do the hand washing technique. Try out a pressure washer to wash dirt and grime away. Electric pressure washer reviews will tell you the best one for your needs.

Do not use sponge to clean and wipe the surface of your car because it will scratch the car paint. Oh, so you never knew this. In fact, millions use sponge to clean their cars. What is the problem with using sponge? Let’s try to look closely. Dirt and particles could settle on the top of the paint. Some of which are sharp. As you try to wipe off these particles using your sponge, they tend to stay on the surface of the sponge thus it stays there as you sponge your paintwork leaving off tiny scratches. It won’t be that visible but it will surely be in bright light. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use lamb wool. The latter is not flat thus sharp particles will be absorbed somewhere into the mitt away from your car surface.

Another tip is – avoid using detergents when cleaning. Harsh chemicals found on detergents can leave the surface dry which will eventually wear out and damaging the paint.

Other Wash Mitts You Can Use

1. Sheepwool

2. Chenille

3. Microfiber

Top Music Songs

The Keyboard

A piano keyboard has 2 keys color occurring in arranged pattern. The black keys are arranged in two followed by three keys alternately. White keys are placed alternating the black keys.  The white key patter on the keyboard is read in a repetitive manner at C, D, E, F, G, A,B until the last key placed on the edge. The black keys give the sharp and flat notes.

Composing a Music Piece

Probably, you are now ready to compose a unique piece. You do not need to be a musician to create one. Maybe, a simple inspiration can feed the heart of a composer. It all begins with an emotion and enthusiasm. When you are able to compose what your heart feels and your thoughts in words, it would be easier to put rhythm and melody. The beat tells of how you wish to deliver your piece. Oftentimes, slow music speaks of emotional stuff as love. Rock is a means of expressions of most composers during cool moods.

Pop Music and Country Music

Pop Music

Pop music also known as popular music is derived from rock and roll music way back 1950s. In terms of genre, pop music elements originate in an array of sources. It could be a combination of 2 or more styles like dance, rock or country music. Common musical instruments used are electric guitars and drums. Pop music sounds the best when you have the right equipment so make sure to get the best noise cancelling headphones.

Pop music targets the general audience. Most often it uses faster beats and rhythms such as dance. Basic pop lasts up to 3.5 minutes with remarkable and consistent rhythmic elements played with very strong appealing chorus.

Greatest Pop Songs of All Times

– I Wanna Be With You by Edison Lighthouse in 1972

– My Sharona by Knack in 1979

– Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen in 2012

– We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift in 2012

– Gangnam Style by Psy in 2012

Country Music

Originated somewhere in the rural southern US, the country music is played in a mixture of dance tunes typically with guitar and banjo. Country music is characterized with simple chord progression or a seemingly memorable story and a booming chorus. Country music earned the limelight in 1927 when Victor Records contracted with Jimmie Rodgers who was also known to be the Father of Country Music after he sang the million selling single – Blue Yodel.

There are some types of country music genres. To mention some are the early country, blue grass, traditional, cowboy, western, rockability, country rock, Texas, outlaw, Nashville, and alternative.

Top Country Songs Listed

– Cruise by Florida Georgia Line in 2012

– I Can Take It From There by Chris Young in 2012

–  Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings

– Tumbling Tumbleweeds by Sons of the Pioneers

– Foggy Mountain Breakdown by Flatt & Scruggs

– Your Cheatin’ Heart by Hank Williams