How to Throw the Ultimate BBQ Party

There is so much more to throwing the ultimate BBQ party than great food and cold beer. While the smoky scent of ribs on the grill might lead all of the neighbors straight to your house, they will likely pull a “dine and dash” if the rest of the party is a dud. So how do you get your guests to stick around for a while? Follow these tips in order to throw a party that everyone will enjoy and the neighbors will be talking about for years to come.

Pick a Theme

Make it interesting by picking a theme and then following through with the food, decorations, music and invitations. Maybe you can even convince your guests to dress the part? Whether it be “Christmas in July” or a “Hawaiian Luau”, this will get everyone involved and excited for your party. It will also make for great pictures that you can show off and laugh about at the next party.

Set up yard games

71bTEgol+-L._SL1500_Set up some classic tailgating games in the yard so you don’t have guests sitting around staring at the grill, impatiently waiting for the minute they can dive in only to crash minutes later. Keep them busy with cornhole, ladder ball and/or horse shoes. Maybe even throw in a little beer pong depending on the crowd. Make it more competitive by offering prizes or take your party from mild to wild by incorporating some drinking games. In that case, be prepared for overnight guests!

Game Day

Mount your big screen TV outside and tune into the big game, whether it be football, basketball, baseball or even a golf tournament. This will suck them in and keep them entertained for hours to come and does not require much effort from you. Easy peasy.

Make an awesome playlist

No party is complete without cranking some good tunes. Keep your audience in mind when making your playlist. Grams and gramps next door might be pretty hip for their age, but I doubt they will stick around for Eminem and Dr. Dre. Consider investing in some outdoor speakers. It will make all the difference in sound and they are built to withstand the elements. Read plenty of reviews to find the best outdoor speakers before you purchase.

Have a selection of drinks available

Have a selection of beer and wine, and liquor drinks available to appease everyone. They don’t have to be top shelf, your guests will appreciate that they have options. Also keep in mind not everyone attending is on a mission to get blitzed. Have an array of non-alcoholic beverages available as well.


A relaxed atmosphere will make your guests feel at home. Stop flipping the burgers every 10 seconds and constantly following behind everyone cleaning up after them. Otherwise you will have them walking on eggshells and feeling like they should be helping rather than relaxing. No doubt they will be ready to make a dash for the door. Instead sit down, relax and socialize with your guests.