Save the Phone, Consider Bluetooth Shower Radios Instead

Everyone loves music. It is an undeniable fact. Toddlers listen to music and sing along from an early age because it helps them to learn to talk and helps them to learn their ABCs. Adults use it to relax and liven the mood while they are driving along or doing any number of other things. Teens use it as a reason to dance and express themselves by the types of music that they enjoy. With the way music impacts our entire world; is it any wonder that Bluetooth shower radios are also gaining in popularity. Especially, among the people who live in sorority houses!

bluetooth shower radioWhat Are Shower Radios?

There are two types of shower radios. One type is a basic AM/FM radio that attaches somewhere in the shower and allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations. They are waterproof, often battery operated and ideal for any shower.

Other types of shower radios use Bluetooth to connect to your smart phone. They are simply speakers that you put into your shower. Some of these speakers may also allow you to answer you cell phone while you are in the shower listening to your favorite downloaded songs or your favorite FM radio station. Most are battery powered, but some may have rechargeable batteries to save you money.

Which Type of Radio Do You Prefer?

Regardless of which shower radio you consider purchasing for the college student in your life, or plan to buy for yourself, you will not go wrong enjoying a shower and adding fun tunes to it. They give permission for you to sing in the shower and increase not only the relaxation of it, but the fun of it. Each type will have pros and cons and you will want to read reviews before you purchase to ensure that your sorority house resident will enjoy it. However, it is the age of smart phones and Bluetooth, so you may want to keep it in mind.

Bluetooth Shower Radios for Everywhere You Are

The best thing about the bluetooth shower radio and another reason why they are showing up in sorority houses everywhere is the versatility that comes along with them. Admittedly, they are called shower radios, but they can be taken anywhere. College kids are using them at the beach or the lake with their friends. They use them while hanging out by the local pool. They use them during showers and because of their amazing sound quality and the Bluetooth feature which uses tunes they download to their cell phone, they are even using them while they do their studies.

These radios are waterproof, which means they will not be damaged by a splash of rain or a dunk in the pool. College students who depend on their smart phone and pay an outrageous fortune to own the coolest one, can leave their phone in a purse or backpack and still listen. It is a great way to avoid the risk of messing up their phone. Is it any wonder frat houses and sorority houses are becoming just as devoted to their Bluetooth shower radios?

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Guys in the fraternity house across the street may be more interested in one of the best atv speakers. Most have probably never head of ATV Speakers. This is because it is a relatively new idea, but with the advent of bluetooth technology they are now possible. Every guy wants the best ATV, but you can make it even better by adding a radio. Tearing up some mud and some tunes; you’ll be the hit of the fraternity house and those girls from the Alpha Phi Suu house are sure to be into you!