Tips For Washing and Detailing Your Car

You wouldn’t want to miss the fun. It’s nice to go wild and enjoy the joy ride with your friends. Tossing few glasses of beer and popcorn and strolling amidst uncertainty. Riding through the bumps and crossing muddy waters whatsoever. And now after the party is over, all that is left now is the stinky mud and dirt. You would surely want to bring back the crisp of your car.

Keep your car conditioned to get a good appraisal value should you want to resale it or trade it for an upgraded brand. Following the basics of car detailing is essential in keeping its lifespan for a period of time. One thing, you don’t need to spend unnecessarily for repainting by keeping the paint maintained. Cleanliness in all terms can contribute to good health too. Build up dust and pollens can trigger allergies. More than this, it could be conducive for microorganism like bacteria and fungi to thrive.

Tips Before Washing Your Car

1. Choose a good shady place. This will avoid untimely drying that will eventually create blemishes on your paint.

2. Prepare all the paraphernalia and place it in a strategic location. These include: microfiber cloth, wax, polish, foam wash, cleaning agents, bails and others.

3. Prepare the bucket with water and cleaning agents.

4. Clean from the exterior surface before moving the exterior parts.

5. Close the windows and draw in the antenna.

6. Pull the windshield wipers and put it away from the glass.

Effective Car Washing Tips

Wash off settled dirt from your car by applying enough water pressure using a hose attached to the water outlet. Begin from to bottom. Apply pressurized water for few minutes to soften the dirt. You might as well prepare 2 buckets – one filled with cleaning agents and the other with water. You can now do the hand washing technique. Try out a pressure washer to wash dirt and grime away. Electric pressure washer reviews will tell you the best one for your needs.

Do not use sponge to clean and wipe the surface of your car because it will scratch the car paint. Oh, so you never knew this. In fact, millions use sponge to clean their cars. What is the problem with using sponge? Let’s try to look closely. Dirt and particles could settle on the top of the paint. Some of which are sharp. As you try to wipe off these particles using your sponge, they tend to stay on the surface of the sponge thus it stays there as you sponge your paintwork leaving off tiny scratches. It won’t be that visible but it will surely be in bright light. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use lamb wool. The latter is not flat thus sharp particles will be absorbed somewhere into the mitt away from your car surface.

Another tip is – avoid using detergents when cleaning. Harsh chemicals found on detergents can leave the surface dry which will eventually wear out and damaging the paint.

Other Wash Mitts You Can Use

1. Sheepwool

2. Chenille

3. Microfiber