Why You Need a Pool Deck for Your Above Ground Pool

Budgeting for an addition of a pool to your home can be stressful. Pools are not cheap by any means; they are quite the luxury these days. Many people think that an above ground pool is the least costly way to go versus a traditional built-in pool. However, these people often forget to budget in the addition of a pool deck. While pool decks may not be required for your above ground pool, they really are encouraged for a number of reasons. I always tell potential above ground pool buyers to go ahead and budget in a pool deck with any above ground pool. Well, maybe not for the small inflatable ones. But for any semi-permanent pool, it should really be a priority.


Above ground pools in the backyard can look gaudy and a little trashy if they are not done right. Fortunately, in the past few years, the pools these days are much “prettier” than they used to be (take a look at the best above ground pool reviews). Even still, a standalone pool just doesn’t do justice for your yard. By building an above ground pool deck around your pool, you can eliminate the likelihood of being labeled “white trash”. In fact, the addition of a pool deck can do numbers for your backyard turning it into a luxury outdoor resort. Just type in above ground pool decks into Pinterest and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. You can even create your own infinity pool this way. Are you drooling yet?

Not only will adding a pool deck to your above ground pool look better, chances are you will get more use of your pool this way. You don’t want to put down a pretty penny for a pool that doesn’t get used. Some of the primary reasons most people own a pool is to have the luxury of sun-tanning in their very backyard and hosting awesome pool parties. Having a pool deck will allow you to tan yourself within steps of your pool so you can take a dip every so often to cool off. Additionally, your deck can be used as a grilling area when hosting your parties. Add a grill and some tables and chairs and you are good to go. If you are really looking for luxury and want to go all out, an outdoor kitchen on your pool deck will really up the ante.

If you have small kids, you might already be worrying about their safety when it comes to having a pool just steps from your house. It is critical that they are always supervised. However, this could be a problem if there is nowhere for you to keep an eye on them. Surely you don’t want to stand for hours on end peering over the pool wall. With a pool deck on hand, plop in your chair with a good book and you can hang out with them all day without ever having to get in the water. Additionally, it’s much easier for your children to get in and out of the pool from the pool deck rather than climbing a ladder that comes with the pool (these ladders can often be poor quality and dangerous).

If you are going to do a pool and a pool deck, do it right. Make sure it flows with the rest of your yard and house. Keep this in mind when you are choosing the color of wood or if you plan to paint the deck. Make it your outdoor oasis by adding some tropical plants and flowers. Not only will this give it a more “complete” look, but it will brighten up your pool area. Make sure it is large enough to host some lounge chairs and patio furniture but not too large that it will take over your entire backyard. Yes, all of these things cost money. This is exactly the reason I suggest including these things in your plans when budgeting for an above ground pool. You really need so much more than just the pool itself. That being said, I have seen many homes with above ground pools that look better than any traditional pool. And even with all of these extras added to your budget, you are still likely to save in comparison to an in-ground pool.